Statistics, Reports

  • Hello,

    when i see the Reports pages:
    on overview page:

    i was wondering could you list in this report some more information, like:

    Total subscriptions: 100
    Subscription per server:
    server 1: 50
    server 2: 20
    server n: 30

    then for:
    Web space in use: 312.03 GB (6710796 files)

    split by server,

    total Web space in use: 312.03 GB (6710796 files)
    server 1 Web space in use: 100gb (4488573 files)
    server 2: 150gb (1020022 files)
    server n: 62gb (1202201 files)

    also for databases(number of DBs, usage off DBs) and web traffic(GBs, HITs), split it by servers,

    also you could put here some information about mails, numbers of mails, by server, total, and usage of mail.

    on page:
    customers` subscription

    you could set some icons in front of name of subscription, if this subscriptions is suspended or locked....

    on page:
    customers` domains
    put in front of domain information if it domain is enabled or disabled, or icons


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