How to remove A or AAAA Dynamic DNS record?

  • When a machine in question travels it can have either ipv4 or ipv6 or even both, depending on the connection. What are the myip and myip6 values to remove the A or AAAA record when there is no ipv4 or ipv6 address anymore or when the dynamic DNS zone should only point to the machine when it is necessary?

    Apparently it is possible to create a zone without A or AAAA record because that is what I see right after creating a new Dynamic DNS subdomain before I set any dynamic address. I tried some myip values but I found none that would remove the invalid record. I can only update to new values.

    I considered using the values and ::1 for this but after reading the related policy I don't think I am allowed to use these because my case is not among the listed exceptions. I think the only valid option would be when the invalid record is removed from the zone.

    BTW I don't mind when you answer in German.

  • Does submitting just one type of record leave the other (old) one remain untouched? I'd expect that submitting only one would delete the other one.

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  • I'd expect that submitting only one would delete the other one.

    Unfortunately there's no "official" protocol specification for dynamic DNS. But your're both right, it should be possible to remove A or AAAA records with a simple update command.

    That's no big thing, we'll add this with the next update and also care for documentation.

    Best regards

    -Klaus Keppler

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